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I didn’t get to parent my child





This is difficult for any parent to face.  The baby you planned to spend the rest of your life with- to nurture and watch grow into a young child, teenager, and adult is not alive anymore.  Are you still a parent?  What is your role if this was your only child?

Yes, you absolutely still are a parent.  You just have a different relationship with your child.  It is a spiritual relationship and a relationship based on memories.

Butterfly Kiss from Jenn

Often, in the beginning, I felt very sad that my chance to parent my baby was taken from me.  But when feelings like this arose, I tried to “talk” to my baby.  I said a little prayer and spoke to him.  Talking with him made him feel closer to me.  You can also get out something that reminds you of your baby- a baby blanket or photo album of his life.  Just holding the blanket or going through the pictures of his life can remind you that you will always have a connection with him as his parent.




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