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My name is Jennifer Minnite.  

My husband and I have three amazing children and one special child up in heaven.

Almost six years ago, our third child was born with a very rare heart defect and only lived for 12 days.  

After he passed away, I started to write a children’s book to help heal my heart and explain our son’s death to our family in a way that young children could understand.  This book is called

It offers healing for the pain families experience after a death and gives them hope for the future.  

Parents can read it as a bedtime story to their children.  It is also a loving parenting tool to begin the conversation of what happens to our loved ones after they pass way.

This website is also dedicated to helping families in the healing process.  Here you’ll find my Butterflies from Heaven Blog, Butterfly Kisses, and 60-Days to Healing.  I wrote them all to make the road to healing your heart less bumpy.  

My goal is to provide as many families as I can much needed comfort during a time of unbelievable sorrow.  And my hope is that this book and website will help everyone who reads it feel connected to their loved ones that have passed on.  Just because you can’t see them anymore, doesn’t mean they aren’t there, watching over you. 

Look up! 

You just might see a Butterfly from Heaven watching over you!





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